One Day Workshops

Education around specific topics allow students to focus more directly on skills that need further intensive development. The 1 Day Workshop focuses on a variety of topics and is appropriate for the beginner or the advanced outdoor adventure enthusiast. The workshops give individuals a greater understanding and a stronger physical disipline around the topic. 

1 Day Workshops are approximately 6-8 hours in length unless otherwise noted in the description. 

Additional information regarding meeting location, start time, gear, etc. will be emailed to you prior to workshop.

Fire Development: 6 hours September 8, 2018
This workshop focuses on a wide spectrum of fire disciplines and theories. Students will gain practical knowledge through a hands-on approach of the survival fire discipline.  Beginning with modern fire methods, instruction will occur to develop the students mindset and technical skill set in order to advanced their knowledge and skill base into frontier fire methods. In addition, there will be an overview of primitive fire methods.

Fire Development 2: 6 hours September 9, 2018
This workshop will focus specifically on eastern woodland friction fire through the bow drill method.  Students will learn theory of friction fire, material selection, fire kit development, and will work to develop numerous friction fires under a variety of circumstances.

Cast Iron Cooking: 8 hours July 8, 2018
Wilderness living should be enjoyable and eating well enhances that enjoyment. This workshop will teach students how to properly care for, clean, and cook with cast iron and campfire accessories. Students will experience proper fire development for cooking, meal prep, along with numerous woodland recipes that are sure to enhance your next camping trip. And most importantly, students will get to eat all day! 

Shelter: TBD
Shelters can vary from simple to extremely complex.  This workshop will enhance the student's knowledge around shelter building for both short- and long-term living situations. Beginning with tarp and debris shelter designs then transitioning to long-term wilderness living shelters such as yurts, wall tents, and baker tents. Students will experience it all during this workshop!

Wild Edibles and Medicinals: 8 hours July 7, 2018
Functionality is the name of the game when it comes to using plants. With thousands of choices under your feet, how do you choose? This workshop will develop an understanding of plant identification, properties of trees and plants as they relate to medicinals, and edibles both raw and cooked. 

Repair: TBD
Having the knowledge and skill set to fix, repair, and develop equipment in the field is an extremely important skill set for the Bushman. During this workshop, students will learn a variety of skills to maintain their gear in the field. From sewing, to producing binding agents, to recreating tools from the landscape, this class is a must for every bushman.  

Navigation Techniques: September 29, 2018
Understanding navigation techniques allows individuals to travel more freely, safely, and effortlessly. This workshop has a specific focus on compass use and map reading techniques. Students will undergo a variety of exercies and tasks that will  educate them on traveling via map and compass through a woodland enviroment.

Navigation Techniques 2: September 30, 2018
Advanced navigation breaks theory and application down to a new level. Exploring the wilderness around you using primitive navigation methods in congunction with advanced modern techniques will give students an indepth understanding of direction that may one day save your life.


Duration :
1 Day
Location :
Ringtown, Pennsylvania

Fire Development 1 + $ 0.00
Fire Development 2 + $ 0.00
Cast Iron Cooking + $ 25.00
Shelter + $ 0.00
Wild Edibles and Medicinals + $ 25.00
Repair + $ 0.00
Navigation Techniques + $ 0.00
Navigation Techniques 2 + $ 0.00

1 Day Workshops give individuals the specific information they are in search of to help them further their own education around wilderness living skills.