Course Description

Placing less focus on the physical demand of the woodsman and more focus on the mental aptitude required to live in a long term wilderness setting, the Advanced Bushcraft course will explore and examine critical thinking skills, one of if not the most important skill set among any woodsman.  Advanced Bushcraft takes an understanding of the wilderness to the next level by identifying foundational skill sets, exploratory crafting, and resourcefulness of current supply.  Living minimally with and understanding of living optimally is the goal.

Field and Classwork

• Understanding long term sustainability in a wilderness setting
• Kit development surrounding woodland based usage and multi-functionality
• Setup of a comprehensive seasonal/goal specific camp
• Procurement of wilderness based repair items
• Use of natural elements to increase prolonged living and gear longevity
• Cutting tool: saw specific nomenclature, use, and development
• Understanding and development of materia medica
• Advanced rope and cordage techniques
• Creation of woodland medical protocol

Required Kit

• Fixed Blade Knife
• 16’’ to 24” Forest Axe
• Hook Knife
• Bowsaw Blade (Dry wood preferred)
• Bankline (click here)
• 100' Paracord
• 25' 1" Nylon Webbing 
• Canvas or Oilskin Tarp
• Queen Wool Blanket or 2 Twin Wool Blankets
•  1lb Gulf Wax 
• Cup and Spoon
• Flint and Steel (click here)
• 2 Tin Containers (such as an altoid tin)
• Small Glass Jar (such as a baby food jar)
• 5 Nails
• Hemp Twine (click here)
• Sewing Needles (click  here)
• Headlamp with Spare Batteries
• Notepad and Pencil/Pen
• Haversack (click here)

Additional Information

• This course is developed for indivduals 12 years of age and older
• Individuals under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
• Further logistics, such as lodging and exact meeting location will be emailed to students upon


Basic Bushcraft Course

Advanced Bushcraft

0% of 100
Duration :
4 Days/3 Nights

Identify how to use woodland resources to further sustain extended wilderness living

Further logistics, such as lodging information and exact location will be emailed to students upon registration

Location :
Ringtown, Pennsylvania

October 29 - November 1, 2020 + $ 0.00