Basic Bushcraft Classes

Understanding the wilderness around us can create an unparalleled advantage for the modern woodsmen. Having the knowledge to identify, craft, and functionally apply resources in a wilderness type setting is what the Basic Bushcraft Course focuses on. Making life in the wilderness less about equipment and more about the techniques to create a maintained and balanced living situation is essential to every woodsman. From crafting and development of woodland supplies to equipment alternatives and repair, students will gain a full understanding of a wilderness mindset as it relates to extended wilderness living and lifestyle.

Field and Classwork

• Bushcraft Origins and Wilderness Application
• Cutting Tools: use, field utility, and maintenance
• Advanced scout shelter techniques to include sleeping systems
• Cook system and setup
• Wilderness food and dietary concerns
• Understanding and development of woodland based supplies
• Repair, service, and manufacturing of the Woodsman’s kit
• Primitive supply development

Required Kit

• Fixed Blade Knife
• 16’’ to 24” Lenght Axe
• Jute Twine (Click Here)
• 50’ Paracord 
• #18 Bankline (Click Here)
• Tarp
• Queen Sized Wool Blanket or 2 Twin Wool Blankets
• Twin Wool Blanket (additional to above blankets)
• 1 - 100% Cotton Terrycloth Washcloth
• Cup and Spoon
• Headlamp with Spare Batteries
• 1 to 2 liter Pot for Campfire Cooking
• 1/2lb of Whole Wheat Flour
• Flint and Steel (Click Here)
• 2 Tin Containers (such as Altoid tins)
• UCO Storm Proof Matches (Click Here)
• Crafting Needles (Click Here)
• S Needle (Click Here)
• Notepad and Pencil/Pen
• Backpack or Haversack to fit above items

Additional Information

• This course is developed for indivduals 12 years of age and older
• Individuals under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
• Further logistics, such as lodging and exact meeting location will be emailed to students upon



Basic Bushcraft

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Duration :
3 Days/2 Nights

Learn the resourcefulness and connection between your equipment and the natural resources the wilderness has to offer.

Further logistics, such as lodging information and exact location will be emailed to students upon registration.

Location :
Ringtown, Pennsylvania

March 19-21, 2021 + $ 0.00
July 16-18, 2021 + $ 0.00
October 1-3, 2021 + $ 0.00