Do you know a youth who is excited to explore the outdoors and learn something new? The Bear and Cub Survival Clinic is a perfect opportunity for friends and family to get outdoors with their kids and have a good time! 

Bear and Cub Survival Clinic

Product description

Course Description

Date: October 19-20, 2019

The Appalachian Bushman School is proud to bring you the first of its kind, Adult/Youth survival training program.  This program was developed to provide a solid foundation of outdoor related skills a two person team of adult and child. This training is unique as it focuses on collaboration and partnership while educating both individuals about survival, outdoor living, and bushcraft.  During this class both individuals will have the ability to work together to solve complex outdoor problems while enjoying the company of each other.  

This class is a great way for a parent, aunt, uncle, big brother or big sister to enjoy the outdoors with a youth. The training itself focuses on the primary outdoor skills any individual of any age needs to stay safe while promoting a fun, exciting, and memorial outdoor experience.

*** Please Be Advised this Course is Geared towards Children****
 ** Cost of the Course covers admission for 1 Adult and 1 Child** 

Field and Classwork

  • Preplanning and Outdoor Safety
  • Exploring the Eastern Woodland 
  • Knife Safety
  • Sleeping in the Outdoors
  • Fire Making 
  • Building useful camp items from the environment
  • Camp Cooking
  • Track and Sign Identification
  • Tree and Plant Identification

Required Kit

Team Equipment (only 1 needed per group) 

  • Tent 
  • Ferroceruim Rod
  • UCO Storm Proof Matches
  • 100’ Paracord
  • Jute Twine
  • Notepad and Pencil

Individual Equipment

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Fixed Blade Knife 
  • Cup, Plate, Spoon, Fork
  • Rain Gear 
  • Medication (if needed)
  • Headlamp with Spare Batteries 

Additional Information

• This course is appropriate for indivduals 5 years of age and older
• All youth under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an individual over 18 years of age
• Further logistics, such as lodging and exact meeting location will be emailed to students upon
• Dinner will be provided Saturday evening of this class. 


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