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Black Diamond Original Sheath


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Knife Sheath 

Our knife sheaths look like no other.  Beautifully constructed of veg tanned 9 oz leather with white thread. The sheath has all the finishing touches we look for in a high-quality sheath without the color we expect. We leave our leather natural for several reasons. First, it allows the user to customize their sheath if desired. Second, over time the sheath will take on its user’s personality. From dirt to watermarks, to conditioning oils, the leather will build a beautiful aged patina that cannot be duplicated. Lastly, the raw leather gives a unique style that up til now only Coalcracker Bushcraft offers!

Sheaths come with black finished edges.

Approximate Size:
Length: 7.5"
Width: 2"
Depth: .75"

This Sheath will fit:
The Coalcracker
Black Diamond  
The Coalcracker Modern