Course Description

Long term sustainable wilderness living requires a multifaceted knowledge base. The Bushman Course uses a culmination of skill sets from survival and bushcraft to create permanency in a wilderness environment.  Going beyond the short and extended living periods, the Bushman Course explores true wilderness long term sustainability.  This is accomplished through food source acquisition, geographics, wilderness construction, and understanding of existence amongst mother nature. Following the traditions of the long hunters and pioneers of the past, the Bushman Course will develop the skills needed to truly live a Bushman lifestyle.

Field and Classwork

• Modern trapping techniques and tactics
• Advanced modality of handling fur bearing animals
• Discussion of firearm nomenclature, use, and wilderness accommodation
• Advanced wilderness woodcrafting disciplines
• Discussion surrounding permanency of long term sustainability
• Construction of permanent woodland shelters

Required Kit

• Fixed Blade Knife
• Forest Axe
• 24” Bow Saw
• Queen Size Wool Blanket
• Tarp
• 100’ Paracord
• 1lb Roll of #36 Bankline
• Bush Pot
• Flint and Steel Kit
• 3 #11 Double Long Spring Traps
• Notepad and Pencil/Pen

Additional Information

• This course is developed for indivduals 16 years of age and older
• Individuals under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
• Further logistics, such as lodging and exact meeting location will be emailed to students upon


Advanced Bushcraft Course

Bushman Class

0% of 100
Duration :
5 Days/4 Nights

Understanding and learning long term wilderness self-reliance.

Further logistics, such as lodging information and exact location will be emailed to students upon registration.

Location :
Ringtown, Pennsylvania

December 7-11, 2020 + $ 0.00
December 11-15, 2019 + $ 0.00
December 6-10, 2021 + $ 0.00