The Coalcracker Bushcraft Bottle Set. This set contains everything the woodsman needs when going on a scout or living long term out of their yurt. The perfect set! A must have for every bushman!

Coalcracker Bushcraft Bottle Set

Product description

The Coalcracker Bushcraft bottle set is a must have for every woodsman. The kit itself contains a 40oz Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel water bottle, a Vargo Titanium 750 cup and a Vargo Titanium Long handle spoon. This set is perfect because the cup nests perfectly on the water bottle and the spoon fits nicely down the side of the bottle keeping everything nice and compact, taking up less room and supplying the outdoorsman everything he needs. The bottle transports your water, the cup allows for easy drinking and cooking, and the spoon lets you eat without your fingers and stir that every needed coffee first thing in the morning.


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