Keep your cutting tools sharp with the Coalcracker Tool Shop Strop.

Lightweight and small enough to carry in any outdoor kit yet built tough enough for the shop! 

Coalcracker Tool Shop Strop 2.0


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Product description

The Coalcracker Tool Shop Strop V2 is a must have item for anyone working with knives and axes. We always suggest to perform daily maintenance on your tools after heavy use and never let them get dull. Using a dull tool can be a safety issue and also allows the tool to be susceptible to damage. A few passes with a strop in the field or shop is normally enough to bring the cutting edge back quickly. Our strop is two sided giving the user an extremelty sharp final product.

This new version is all leather making it perfect for every grind including convex edges on axes!


To use the strop:

Start with side #1 which has our white compound integrated into the leather. Draw your knife blade along the leather with the cutting edge trailing. After working both sides of your blade flip the strop to side #2 and repeat the process with the integrated green compound. 



Overall lenght: 9"