Sharpening Puck


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Our sharpening puck is exactly what is needed to keep blades at their full potential. Sharpening pucks are easy to use and allow the user to stay safe by having a full grip on the sharpening devise. Great for axes and knives.


  • 2 different sharpening grits in 1 puck
  • Red side 150 grit
  • White side 1000 grit


  • 3.25" round
  • 7.25 ounces in weight

Bushcraft Sharpening Stone

Keep your knives and axes at peak performance with our sharpening stone for sale. This puck is lightweight and small enough to store in your pack for whenever you need it. This bushcraft sharpening stone also has double-sided grits, with coarse or fine options. 

Use the red 150 grit side when you need faster, coarser metal removal. With the white 1000 grit side, you can take your time polishing your blades for a sharper edge. When you buy our hunting knife sharpener, you can have the best of both worlds in your pocket. Enjoy versatile, practical sharpening tools from bushcraft experts. Order yours today!

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