Dirty Elegance #1


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Dirty Elegance Knives are the next evolution in the Coalcracker Tool Shop. Each knife is a one of a kind knife design.   When we design these knives we strive to take the design, beauty, and function of each blade to the next level.  Our concept behind this line is to provide elegant functional knives to hard working outdoor enthusiasts.  We want everyone to enjoy the tools they use around camp and have something that is special to them. Owning a custom, one of kind, piece of gear is an experience in an amongst itself. These knives are tools that will become family heirlooms.  

Dirty Elegance #1

Overall Length: 9"

Blade Length: 4"

Blade Thickness: 1/8"

Grind: Saber

Handle Material: Dyed Stabilized Spalted Maple

Handle Contour: Medium

Steel Type: 01

Sheath Included: Yes