The DC3 sharpening stone is the go to sharpening system for Coalcracker Bushcraft staff and bushcrafters worldwide!

Fallkniven DC3 Sharpening Stone

Product description

The Fallkniven DC3 Diamond Ceramic Whetstone is a popular combination whetstone made for accurate knife sharpening in the field. Small and lightweight, the DC3 is ideal for keeping on you when travelling by foot. 

The DC3 features two different sharpening surfaces; one is a fine diamond whetstone of 25 micron, while the other is a fine ceramic whetstone, made of synthetic sapphires. If your knife is dull, it is recommended that you begin by using the diamond side, which will restore the wedge shape of the blade's edge. Following this, you can de-burr the edge lightly using the ceramic side, in order to get a razor-sharp edge. 

The DC3 is a very low-maintenance tool in the sense that it can be used dry, without the need for any lubrication from oil or water. 

A major benefit of the DC3 is that, while the stone will become worn over time, the sharpening surfaces will remain flat, helping to aid efficient sharpening. The supremely strong surfaces can be used to sharpen any type of steel, including hard powder steels. At first, the sharpening surfaces may feel overly coarse, but this initial roughness will diminish after use. 


  • Dimensions: 100 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 65 g
  • Leather sheath included


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