Frontier Trapping

Course description

Frontier life provided a totally different set of expectations and skill sets compared to life as we know it today. The life of a long hunter or mountain man was that of stress, pain, and uncertainty.  Trapping, as much as hunting, was one skill set that needed mastery in order to provide income and sustainability on the frontier. By understanding the fundamentals of trapping fur bearing animals, we gain a more in-depth understanding of the life these men led.

Developed for individuals seeking to gain knowledge through experimental archaeology, the frontier trapping course will not only teach students valuable concepts and skills that can be applied when re-enacting, but it will give them the knowledge and experience to further connect with the men who expanded this great country. 

Through a hands-on class structure, students will learn all aspects of successfully harvesting fur bearing animals. The Frontier Trapping Course will educate students with hard skills and allow them to understand how to make full use of the animals harvested. 

Field and classwork

• Understanding the survival concept related to fur harvesting
• Basics of furbearer harvesting
• Understanding and evaluating trapping concepts
• Trap nomenclature and use
• Processing fur bearing animals
• Hide preparation and storage
• Tool creation for trapping
• Understanding fire, components, application, and creation
• Shelter development, application, and construction techniques
• Fresh game preparation and cooking
• Skill development through scenarios and primary applied techniques

Required kit

• Fixed blade knife 
• Axe or tomahawk
• Flint and steel fire starting kit
• Equipment for sleeping (wool blanket and tarp)
• Cordage and rope
• Pot or boiler for cooking and boiling water
• Notepad and Pencil/Pen

Optional Equipment 

• Students are encouraged to bring any trapping equipment they currently use. Although traps and supplies will be provided it is important to learn how to use your gear
• Any other gear that is normally carried during treks or re-enactments is welcome to accompany the required gear list.

Additional Information

• This course is developed for students interested in frontier style living, 18th Century Long Hunter Era, and Moutnain Man Era
• The course will require all students to dress and use gear appropriate to the 18th Century/Moutnain Man Era
• Camp will be primitive and require students to sleep with minimal gear in all weather conditions
• Students under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
• Further logistics, such as lodging and exact meeting location will be emailed to students upon registration 


Please contact if you are not currently a member of historical reenactment groups or an active reenactor for more details regarding registering for this class.

Frontier Trapping

Duration :
3 Days/2 Nights
Location :
Ringtown, Pennyslvania

October 20-22 + $ 0.00

The Frontier Trapping class teaches fur harvesting, survival, and wilderness stability with period correct tools and gear.

Further logistics, such as lodging information and exact location will be emailed to students upon registration.