Titanium Coffee Press


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Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee? Better yet who doesn't love a good cup of coffee in a cool mug? Even better who doesn't love a good cup of coffee, in a cool mug that is ultralight? Probably no one! 

Our titanium coffee mug is a perfect  addition to any camping, backpacking, or kitchen coffee making set! Easy to use and light weight. 

Simply boil water, add coffee grinds, allow some time to sit and brew, then press the plunger down and boom! Fresh hot coffee! 


  • Pour Spout
  • Measurement markings
  • Foldable Butterfly Handles
  • Poly Mess Bag with Drawstring Included


  • 114 g (4oz) Cup Only in weight 
  • 210 g (7 .5oz) Cup, lid plunger Assembly in weight
  •  4" in height 
  • 4" in Diameter
  • 750 ml liquid capacity

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