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Yes that’s right! Welcome to our full-line of repurposed bags and pouches.  With this collection, we search high and low to find the coolest materials. From old fabrics to beat up clothing to tattered and torn items. We buy it, cut it, sew it, and give it life yet again.  Enjoy these one of kind hand-sewn and individually designed bags and pouches.  There will never be another one like it, ever! 

**Please be advised that due to the repurposing of material there may be slight defects, discoloration, or repaired spots. During the production of each item, we attempt to accentuate the flaws in a piece of material to give you, the customer, a unique beautiful piece of equipment. 

Pouch Specifics
Catch All Bag
Material: Canvas
Color: Dark Brown
Size: 10 W x 7" H