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Looking for a multipurpose utility cloth for your kit? Look no further! 

The Coalcracker Bushcraft Signal Flag was developed to fill the void. The concept behind this creation was to give the user a function piece of gear that fits a variety of applications.  Ever need a signal flag during navigation? How about night navigation? It is tough to see your partner. With this flag you will never have that problem again. Orange during the day and the logo is reflective at night. That means that when a light hits the logo from a distance the logo reflects like a brand spanking new bicycle reflector.  Scrap those old cotton rags in your bag and upgrade to something with function! 

Some of the other uses include:
First Aid
Navigation Aid
Signal Flag
Removing hot items from the fire
Camp Cleanup
Clothing - wear as a headband or scarf
The list goes on and on! 

The Coalcracker Bushcraft Signal Flag is made of 100% Cotton Blaze orange material. The printed logo on the flag is also reflective.  

Size: 22"H x 19"W