First Aid Kits A to Z

First Aid Kits A to Z

Dan Wowak August 11, 2023

  As Bushcrafters we pride ourselves in being able to create all that we need to enjoy our time outdoors. Without the proper training, some of the things we may find ourselves in need of will not be available to us; such as natural remedies and materials from the landscape to provide the first aid required in a pinch. Here at the Appalachian Bushman School we are fortunate to have instructors like Mike Gaspar. He teaches our wild medicinals courses that can help us procure the remedies we may need. 


Even with training to identify and collect wild medicinals to provide us the items we may need. I'm a big proponent of carrying a well equipped first aid kit. Now I'm not saying that we bring everything and the kitchen sink. The size of the kit is dependent on the adventure and the number of people you have with you. Consider that none of us can predict what may happen while we are enjoying our time in nature. Sometimes simplicity is key. A small kit with some adhesive bandages to dress scrapes and scratches, possibly some ointment and aspirin. The kit in images 1 is a good example of what can be carried in a pocket or haversack for a day of dirt time. 


If we are choosing to extend our time outdoors we may want to have something that covers a little more. The kit in images 2  go a little beyond what the basic kit may cover. This will be able to dress larger wounds and treat other ailments like sprains and stomach issues. This kit will be a little larger because we are trying to be ready for the unexpected.


 Now when it comes to spending time outside with a group. Many other scenarios must be accounted for. You may not realize that when you have more people in your group, you are multiplying the possibilities for injury. Taking this into account something like the kit in images 3 may be more of what you need. This kit will cover all the same areas as the kits mentioned earlier but can also address major hemorrhages and any number of mechanical injuries that someone may sustain. Also consider different kinds illnesses that may be affecting someone in your group. This kit will usually contain tourniquets and compression bandages, some type of clotting product to slow or stop the bleed. It will also have something like a sam splint and elastic wraps to stabilize sprains or breaks.  Medicinals such as ointments and salves will be available in this kit as well as medications like ibuprofen aspirin and benadryl. We can hope that while we are enjoying our bushtime, kits like the ones shown in this article may never be needed. I know their value is immeasurable when the time comes to open them up in an emergency. I do highly suggest at least some basic first aid training for anyone spending time outdoors is a must.

By: Sergio Lamboy


Quote: Knowledge weighs nothing but the lack of preparation for the unexpected can weigh more than some can carry.