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Any bushcrafter knows it's essential to get into the woods. Learning how to survive and fend for yourself is a thrilling experience. You'll need the right gear to set yourself up for success while taking on the harshest conditions of the wilderness. 

Bags and packs are essential for carrying your tools, sleeping gear and food. At Coalcracker Bushcraft, we're passionate about the outdoors and provide the supplies you need to enjoy your experience.

Our Most Popular Bags and Pouches

We create sturdy canvas and leather bushcraft bags that you can use for any purpose, including keeping all your supplies compact and organized.

Take a look at some of our most popular bags and pouches. 

Utility Bags

Going on a trip? Don't forget your utility bag! Our zippered canvas bushcraft bags are perfect for holding all of your smaller pieces of gear. These tools are lightweight and adaptable, ready to go wherever you do. Use them to carry fire starters or even a stick of deodorant for those long hours spent in the woods. 

These bags are great for travel. Fill them with what you need and easily store them in another bag.

Oilskin Haversack

The bushcraft oilskin haversack is a must-have piece of gear for any serious bushman. This is a single-pocket, over-the-shoulder bag made from oilcloth, perfect for storing your favorite outdoor tools. You'll never be without the essentials as you pack your food, knives and tinder in a functionally stylish bag that allows for quick and easy access. 

This bag is perfect for preventing overpacking for shorter trips while still providing enough space for everything you need. Fit it over bulky clothes, or lay it down to kneel on — the versatility is undeniable. Sling it over your shoulder and off into the woods you go. 

Bushcraft Catch-All Bags

These bushcraft catch-all bags are organizational tools that will save your life in the great outdoors. We make these bags out of a heavy-duty waxed canvas with a metal zipper to secure your gear. Choose whatever size you need — we offer small, medium and large bushcraft canvas bags. Use them as a fire kit, a first aid kit or a place to put your cords. Whatever your use, these bags were built to last.

Bushcraft Pouches

Our bushcraft pouches are the perfect additions to your everyday gear. We make them from beautiful materials to provide you with a heavy-duty organizational bag. Looking for a fire kit pouch? Our instructors love putting tinder and Ferro rods in our Large Roll Down Bag. You can even use our pouches to store credit cards, keys and anything else you can think of! These pouches can do it all.

Our bushcraft pouches are versatile and durable, so you'll have confidence that they'll withstand any test. These pouches are another great addition to your toolbox.