Gear Bloat, Three Ways to Declutter Your Equipment

a pile of unorganized outdoor gear

Nicole Breighner December 01, 2021

Are you suffering with high volumes of outdoor equipment?

Do you tend to hide your gear around the house, under beds, in closets, and from your partner?

Do you have designated rooms, or even worse, an entire second house dedicated to your gear?

If so, you may be suffering from Excessive Equipment Gathering also known as Gear Bloat. 

But good news! Coalcracker Bushcraft has three tips to help declutter your equipment

3 Tips to Declutter Your Outdoor Gear

Sell Gear You Don't Use

Selling your gear may be the first and obvious suggestion to reduce your equipment. But a good tip is to collect all those old knifes and use the funds made to buy that one piece of gear you have had your eye on.

Social media market places, yard sales, and online bidding websites are simple to use and are effective for selling equipment.

The important thing to remember is, this ol’knife of yours probably isn’t worth the same which you paid for it. But, let’s be real… it’s not making any money in your basement either. 

Trade Your Gear

If you are an old school classic camper, then trading isn’t a new practice.

The next time you go to any bushcraft gathering, survival seminar, mountain man rendezvous, or Coalcracker course take some of that gear you have and make friends.

Building an outdoor community can create future adventures and skill sharing.

Who knows, maybe you will get a better deal on a trade than trying to sell the thing.

Gift Your Gear

Sometimes our equipment holds fond memories of our baby bushcraft days or survival stories and this makes it really difficult to let go.

What a better way to honor all your old gear than outfitting a friend, family, or loved one on their first outdoor adventure. Invite someone to a wilderness course and gift them all of the required equipment from your old, ragged, tired, unused gear.

It might just spark the fire in someone else for the passion of the outdoors. And hey! It will give you a good laugh watching a newbie struggle like you first did. 

Buying and playing with our kit in our living room is just as fun as being in the woods.

Whether you are a hunter, prepper, or bushcrafter… gear is critical to our wilderness experience.

However, as we progress in our hobbies and skills our needs change for gear.

Quickly, we can create a stockpile of unused equipment. Reduce that bloat so you can make room for that next new best thing like the new equipment we have in our bushcraft store!

Until you sell, trade, or gift… Stay in the woods!