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Wool Gloves for Bushcraft

Coalcracker Bushcraft's winter gloves are the most heavy-duty gloves you will ever own. Comprised of 90% Merino wool, these outdoor survival gloves can keep you warm while hiking, camping, campfire cooking, fire making, axe work, or whatever else you do in winter weather.

Benefits of Wool Bushcraft Gloves

What makes these the best winter gloves is Coalcracker Bushcraft's dedication to excellence in designing durable outdoor accessories. The heavy wool fabric keeps you warm even after they become wet, and the addition of nylon ensure they stretch however you need them to. Like many of our clothing options, we wear them too, so you know that we consider these gloves to be the best ones you'll find.

Choose from medium or large sizes, slide them on and get to work. You'll love using these gloves for years to come. They can keep your hands warm so you can stay in the woods longer. Get yours today!

The most heavy duty wool gloves you will ever own! 


  • Medium Size Measures: 3.75" across the widest part of the palm and 9.5" from the end of the glove (cuff area) to the tip of the middle finger
  • Large Size Measures:  4" across the widest part of the palm and 10.5" from the end of the glove (cuff area) to the tip of the middle finger.
  • Merino Wool
  • Black


  • 90% Wool / 10% Nylon 

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