Appalachian Trapper's Axe


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The Appalachian Trapper's Axe is an absolute workhorse. Not just for trappers, this axe is the ultimate in Bushcraft Axes. This axe is made to work! 


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We hand forge all of the axes and make all the handles in-house. We do not do large production runs; therefore,  there may be longer than usual wait times for shipping. 


This axe is truly unique. The size and shape make it perform so well in the woods. The bit on this axe is thin, allowing it to cut deeply into wood during chops and slice cleanly during fine-cutting tasks. When chopping, grip the axe towards the bottom of the handle for maximum torque. When using it for cutting and slicing tasks, choke up on the handle. The thick neck of the handle provides a solid handhold. 

Axe History

Everyone always asks about Dan's trapper's axe. The one he uses (until now) came from Russia and was produced in the 1950s. The Russian axes are very hard to come by and when you can locate one often they are damaged or not in good condition. The axe itself was used by government-paid trappers in Siberia. 


  • Handle made of Hickory or Ash (sorry no requests accepted)
  • Contoured handle for fine and chopping cuts
  • Each axe comes with a leather sheath


  • Steel: 4140
  • Head Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Handle Length: 16 inches
  • Cutting Edge: 4 inches

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