UCO Aluminum Candle Lantern


Aluminum Bushcraft Candle Lantern for Sale

As the sun begins to set on your campsite, you want to have a reliable light source to help you navigate before turning in for the night. Our UCO Bushcraft Aluminum Candle Lantern is an excellent addition to any campsite. 

It is small enough to fit in your pack, measuring 6 ½ inches tall when fully open and 4 inches when closed. With its long-lasting capabilities, this bushcraft lantern can burn for up to nine hours, keeping your campsite lit throughout the night. 

This bushcraft lantern works to provide warmth and remove condensation while setting the perfect mood for your camp. This small workhorse packs a punch for any of your lighting needs. Buy our bushcraft candle lantern today!

This lantern is a perfect addition for every camp. Natural candlelight sets the camp mood and creates a relaxing enviornment. 


  • Collapses down to 4.25".
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum construction.
  • Burns long-lasting UCO 9-hour candle.
  • Easy-slide glass chimney, spring-loaded candle tube, and viewing slot.
  • Carrying handle, hanging hook, and twist-lock base.
  • Provides ample light, warms surroundings, and helps remove condensation.


  • 6.5" high x 2" diameter (17 cm x 5 cm) in dimension (open)
  • 4.25" high x 2" diameter (11 cm x 5 cm) in dimension (closed)
  • 6.4 oz. (181 g) in aluminum (weight with candle)
  • UCO 9-hour or citronella candles, or 12-hour beeswax candles