Oilcloth Poncho


This poncho is a classic military poncho design with an updated central panel hood for a more custom relaxed fit and is made of oilcloth for extreme durability. The hood has a generous opening that allows the user to wear it down or up depending on conditions.  Two snaps per side allow for side closure and the ability to team it up with a second poncho to create a larger A frame style tent.  The poncho is the same size as our popular trekker tarp making it a great shelter in an emergency situation. Each poncho also has 4 grommets in each corner so the user can secure it to the ground when using it as a shelter or as tie out points when strapping it to a backpack. 


This poncho size fits most individuals. Test subjects ranged from small 5'2" 115 lb - to 6'3" 250 lb and it covered them appropriately. 


  • Allow garment ample drying time in an open configuration.
  • Dirt and mud after dry can be spot cleaned by brushing off
  • Due to the fabric used in construction of this garment do not wash in a washing machine as it can cause damage to material


  • Standard Fit Military Poncho
  • Center Panel Contour Hood Design
  • Drawstring Hood
  • Comfortably fits small to large individuals


  • 8.25 oz Brown Cotton Oilcloth
  • 38" in length
  • 51" wide
  • 12" Hood Opening
  • Weight 2lb 14oz

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