Cotton Canvas Sleep Cover


Warm nights? We got you covered literally! 

 Our cotton canvas sleep cover is a light weight heavy duty cover that will keep the traditional camper cozy all night. 


  • 9 oz cotton sleep cover
  • Weighs 40 ounces
  • 2 metal grommets for easy hanging
  • Brown Cotton Edging on Two Sides


  • 84'' L x 60'' W

On warm nights, Coalcracker Bushcraft has you covered — literally! This durable, lightweight sleep cover is an alternative to heavy sleeping bags on summer camping trips. Instead of sweating all night in thick padded blankets, lay on top of your bag and use this canvas cover as your blanket.

Another option for this versatile cover is to use it in place of a tent. The cover has two metal grommets so you can easily hang it from some trees or bushes for a lightweight cover that takes no time to set up.

Weighing in at only nine ounces, this cover is easy to add to your camping gear collection. Brown cotton edging on two sides adds an extra layer of durability to the areas that will touch the ground the most, so you can expect to appreciate this sleep cover for many trips to come.

Buy the canvas sleeping bag cover today and you can try it out on your next camping expedition!

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