Mike Gasper

Instructor at the Appalachian Bushman School

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Hometown: Hazelton, Pennsylvania

Favorite Outdoor Trip: Would have to be when the Coalcracker crew got together before Dan went on Alone. We had such a blast frog gigging and cooking. Was one of those trips we still laugh about and it made a great YouTube video.

What outdoor skill took you the longest to learn?: Bow drill fire definitely took me the longest to achieve. With help from Dan, it took me well over a month.

What is your favorite topic to teach at the Appalachian Bushman School? I love everything we teach, but wild medicinals and tree identification are my favorite.

What is your favorite campfire meal? Tough choice but I have to go with mississippi pot roast.

What is your favorite knife grind? I am a scandi kind of guy.

Yurt Life or Cabin Life? Cabin life

(Be honest) How long does it take you to get your gear ready for a class? It starts a week before the class getting my main bag together for teaching. After I get that organized I move to my extra clothing bag and my bucket. The night before class I cook and get all my food together and usually unpack and repack my gear I did the week before.

Would you rather ride your electric bike or hike? Electric bike

Do you like people or dogs better? Dogs 💯 they don't give you any lip.

What is your favorite donut? Boston cream

Jody Klocko

Instructor at the Appalachian Bushman School

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Hometown: Wyoming, Pa, the battle field of the Wyoming Massacre , July 3, 1778 was my back yard and playground!

What is your favorite part about being an instructor at the Appalachian Bushman School? Helping students to figure things out when it doesn’t go as planned!

Would you rather use an axe, knife, or saw? Saw, let your tools do the work!

What is your favorite way to start a campfire? Birch Bark! Unbelievable!

Would you rather a cot, air mattress or bed of wet leaves?

The last time I slept on a 50 gallon garbage bag filled with wet leaves, I couldn’t walk for a week! Cot! Lol

What is your favorite type of music? Mid 70’s Punk Rock , Garage Bands, a mosh pit and No Rules!

Favorite Food? Julia Child’s Apple tart Tatin

Food you dislike the most? Avocado

What is your day job? Professionally a Chef/Pastry Chef, R & D Chef. Started in the kitchen at 15, and never left!

If you can only drink one beverage the rest of your life, pick from Beer, Wine, Hard Cider? Definitely wine!

Marc Heflich

Instructor at the Appalachian Bushman School

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Hometown: Wathung, NJ

 What's your favorite outdoor skills? Finding a nice place, getting comfortable, and relaxing

Most important outdoor skill for people to know? Know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it under adverse conditions. In other words, be able to solve problems by using experience and judgement together.

What do you do for work? Risk Management. Sort of.

Do you like Jody or Mike better? Super Dave.

What is your favorite campfire meal? Beef stew with a nice thick gravy for bread dipping.   I like anything one-pot simple that also does not require a difficult clean up.

What is your favorite knife grind? I like a four inch fixed blade knife with a saber grind and flat grinds for my pocketknife blades.  

Yurt Life or Cabin Life? I would have to say that I prefer a cabin because it holds more of my excessive gear.  

Word in the woods is that you are a outdoor gear junkie? No, it is an understatement. That's why I need a cabin.

Would you rather drink beer or water? Water is life, but beer is made through an amazing process that guarantees that it is safe. Also, it is much more sophisticated.(Please verify this statement scientifically.)

Favorite beer to drink around the campfire? Founders All Day IPA.  

What is your favorite ice cream?Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip.


Sergio Lamboy

Instructor at the Appalachian Bushman School

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

Yurt, Cabin, or Lean to? Lean to. Can’t ask for a better view than the woods when having your first cup of coffee In the morning. There’s not a coffee shop I know of that can compare.

Favorite drink? Yeungling Black & Tan

Do you like toppings on your pizza? Most definitely! I’m a big fan of Ham and Pineapple. Nobody else seems to like it but I do.

Favorite movie? “ Jeremiah Johnson “ it was the movie I saw as a kid that made me want to spend all my free time in the woods.

Ferro Rod, Matches or Lighter? Definitely Ferro Rod. I can get thousands of fires from a 6” ferro rod. Plus a ferro rod shows age and use. If only it could tell stories of all the fires it started and the friends you shared those fires with.

Bushcraft Skill you are the best at? Making cordage… especially reverse twist natural cordage. I find myself practicing all the time when just sitting in the yard or the woods trying different plant materials off the landscape.

Winter or Summer? Winter is my favorite season. I get to truly test my skills. When camping hunting or scouting new land.

Favorite instructor at the school? The weather! When you think you have everything figured out and your camp is perfect, Mother Nature always has a lesson to teach you.

Appetizer or dessert?  Appetizers. They are a great way to tell if the rest of the meal is going to be good.

Dave Camacho

Instructor at the Appalachian Bushman School

Hometown: Born and raised in Brooklyn ny, currently residing in Orange County ny

Favorite Bushcraft or Survival skill: Shelter building always have a place to rest my head and stay out the sun. I’m already called Latin spice can’t get to anymore spicy.

What knife grind do you like best? Scandi grind, I believe it to be easier to sharpen… I have a handful of blades that I need the boss to regrind because I pushed the bevel back

Favorite beer? Mad elf is my favorite beer, all I can say is thanks Jody the Elf.

Fastest marathon time? never ran a marathon, but I believe I’m faster then Dan.

Would you rather lift weights or run? I like to pick thinks up and put them down (Arnold‘s voice). I like variety.

Did you ever eat a crayon? Yes I ate crayons my favorite color/ flavor is red… Marines are known to eat crayons.

Favorite restaurant? my favorite restaurant has to be Texas road house because my son loves the dinner rolls from there, but I prefer anything Mexican.

Least favorite thing? Least favorite thing to do is work, I’m newly retired and it’s the best feeling in the world.

Beach or Mountains for vacation? Mountains is the best place for vacationing for me get away from everything and everyone.. Internet included

Wil Dan kick your ass (like really bad) at crossfit?  Dan would destroy me in CrossFit, I hung up my towel after a CrossFit injury, only workout I do is the Murph and that’s once a yr..