We officially started our business in the Summer of 2016, you know, all the legal stuff saying we are "Now an official business." I can think back to 2014 when I was sitting in a cold, wet, muddy campsite with my friend, Dan. We decided our camping crew could be something more meaningful. We needed an official name, so Coalcracker Coalition was the name we came up with. I wasn't too excited about it because it sounded like a failed biker gang name. We went with it, despite my dislike. We even got some crazy stickers made. That name, of course, fell through.

Then, I think back further. I remember in 2006 when I was at a long-range shooting competition, and my partner, and I were walking down a dirt road when I asked one of the safety staff "Which way back to buses?" He responded with a snappy attitude "If you can't follow tire tracks in the mud then you better go back to the city life!" That fired me up. I grew up in the woods! How dare he say that to me. Speaking of growing up in the woods, that's really how it all started - hanging out there in the woods.

I remember, before I was in kindergarten, taking long hikes with my grandfather. For days before the trip, I would pack and repack my backpack awaiting the big adventure; however, looking back now, these long hikes with danger and adventure around every corner were only about 300 yards into the woods. Despite the short trip in a grown-up context, it was life-changing for me. I remember throughout my childhood going fishing and spending more time cutting and carving sticks. Running around, hiding in the woods, and catching crawfish in the local creeks. Then, one Christmas, my Uncle gave me a military survival manual. No way is this stuff even possible, I thought to myself. I would try to replicate it, but honestly, Jungle techniques don't work in the dead of winter in Pennsylvania.

Over the years, I never gave up and I kept working on my skills. This became a hobby for me, maybe my parents would say an obsession. One thing I realized throughout this journey was that being outside made a difference in my life. It made me happy, gave me confidence, and allowed me to test myself. I also realized that I have a knack for teaching. So why not share all of these things with everyone else. So that is what I decided to do. And now, years later, I have an official business that is all about the outdoors and survival.

Coalcracker Bushcraft has grown into the premier survival and bushcraft training and equipment brand in the industry. Since the beginning, we felt it was our mission to create passion for the outdoors. Through our handmade products and courses, we share our outdoor experiences and expertise to make your experience better and more enjoyable. Everyday, we work on making better products and enhancing our teaching to serve the people who matter most - our customers and fellow outdoor goers!

Coalcracker Bushcraft is located in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. Our training facility is based in Ringtown, Pennsylvania and our warehouse and manufacturing shop is in Frackville, Pennsylvania. We hand produce knives, blacksmith goods, leather goods, sewn items, and apparel.