Bedroll Harness


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The Coalcracker Bedroll Harness. Handmade, high quality, guaranteed to last forever, plus a day. 

Our bedroll harness is a great functional way to carry wool blankets, tarps, and ground mats into the field. 
The straps are made from high quality 8-9oz chocolate colored saddle leather and are both riveted and stitched to hold up to whatever abuse is thrown at them. Completed with all brass hardwear these straps are a work of art. Cut, sewn, burnished, and assembled in house by the Coalcracker Crew. 

 With a fully adjustable and removable shoulders strap this harrness offers total adjustability to the user.   Wear the harness complete, meaning, over your shoulder with blankets rolled and secured or remove the shoulder strap and attach to the bottom of any backpack.

Unlike other straps on the market these straps are heavy duty and long enough for the largest thickest wool blankets on the market. 


  • Bedroll Harness set includes 2 bedroll straps, 2 spacing straps, and 1 adjustable shoulder strap
  • 8-9 ounces chocolate saddle leather 


  • Bedroll strap - approximately 1" wide x 42" long
  • Spacing strap is approximately  - 1" wide x 10" long
  • Adjustable shoulder strap - 1.25" wide x 40" - 50" long

Bushcraft Handmade Leather Bedroll Harness

Blankets, tarps and ground mats are essential for any camping trip. However, storing them often leads to bulky bags and little leftover space. To free up the inside of your bag, we've created our bushcraft leather bedroll harness. Handmade from high-quality chocolate-colored saddle leather, you can now attach your blankets to the bottom of your bag or sling them over your shoulder for convenient and efficient storage. 

Store your thickest blankets with the confidence that your harness is built to last. Are you ready to free up space before your next trip? Shop with bushcraft and get your leather bedroll harness today. 

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