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Bushcraft Quilt

The team at Coalcracker Bushcraft has designed the ultimate bushcraft quilt. The Coalcracker Quilt is made from high quality cotton fabric and loose fill synthetic down alternative insulation. Whether you need a good quilt for tentless camping or a blanket for those late-night campfires, Coalcracker Bushcraft's quilt can provide. 

This quilt weighs in at just 5 lbs. Still, with a size of 86" by 56" when fully opened, it's large enough to cover most anyone through cold nights. Snaps and a drawstring at the bottom of the quilt allow it be closed to create a large footbox to keep it wrapped around you all night long. 

The insulation used in the Coalcracker Quilt is loose fill. This type of insulation allows the quilt to form around your body much better then traditional sheet insulation. The added benefit of synthetic insulation is that it will keep you warm even when wet. 

Benefits of a Quilt

Our quilt is in essence, a blanket but with added features it allows a footbox to be created where your feet are almost completely enclosed but the rest of the quilt is open in the back. 

One of the benefits of our quilt is that you are carrying less weight. The argument of why you would use a quilt instead of a sleeping bag is that because sleeping bag insulation is compressed when you are laying on it, you lose the benefit of the insulation anyway. With a quilt, you are resting directly on your bottom insulation, like a debris bed, wool blanket or sleeping pad. 


  • Brown 10oz Cotton Outside Fabric
  • Green 7oz Cotton Inside Fabric
  • Synthetic Loose Fill Down Alternative
  • Snaps and Draw String at Bottom for use as a Topquilt


  • 86" L x 56" W
  • Temperature Rating - 20°F


    • Made in Pennsylvania, USA
    • The quilt will need to be fluffed up when opened. Due to the nature of construction and assembly the insulation gets packed together. Once out of the bag it will begin to loft and you can move the insulation around in each baffle and it will fill in the more you use it. 

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