Flint and Steel Starter Kit


Flint and Steel is a traditional way of fire starting. This kit gives you everything needed to make fire. Start by striking the flint stone off of the steel striker.  The sparks that are produced will ignite the charred material.  Once ignited, the user will have an ember that can be placed into the supplied bird's nest and with some added oxygen - you have FIRE! 
Once a fire is started, simply add 100% cotton material into your tin container, place in the campfire and allow ample time to cook. Bring the tin out of fire and allow time to cool. Use this char cloth for all of your fires.

Note: Strikers vary in size and are not finished. Since they are made from high carbon steel they will have some rust. 


  • This kit includes: 1 hand forged steel striker (choose your option), 1 flint rock, 1 tin container for making char, 1 piece of charred lampwick, and 1 bird's nest.


  • 3 ounces in weight

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