Gum Blanket With Neck Slit


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A gum blanket is a Civil War era piece of gear that was primarily used by soldiers to aid in shelter construction and as rain gear.  It is comprised of heavy weight canvas that is rubberized on one side.  The gum blanket can be used for a wide variety of applications for the outdoorsman. We, at the Appalachian Bushman School, have primarily used this blanket as a ground mat/moisture barrier when sleeping with a wool blanket.  It is also ideal for use as an emergency lean to, ground mat under you hammock, rain gear, or kneeling mat. 

This style Gum Blanket has built in neck slit that allows the user to wear it as a poncho. 


Our gum blankets are produced to original specs and are made to have traditional look to them. Along with woodsmen, reenactors uses these and want a very rough traditional look to them. Due to this and the manufacturing process of the blankets it is important to understand that the blankets will have imperfections, minor discolorations, dye bleed through, and possibly stickiness to them (this diminishes over time).  Due to this we do not accept returns on this item. 


  • Canvas with Vinyl/Rubber Mixed Coating
  • 4 Grommets


  • Approximately 70" L x 48" W
  • 2 lbs in weight

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