Repair Kit


Having the ability to repair items in the field is critical. That is why we put together a this kit - to address these needs. Each kit contains items hand selected by Appalachian Bushman School instructors to make life outside easier.  This bag also contains enough room to add items you may not want to leave home without! 



  • Canvas bag with YKK zipper
  • Each Kit includes: zippered canvas coalcraker tool and repair pouch, cutting shears, twisted awl, gimlet (5MM), wooden spool with sinue, wooden spool with bonded nylon thread, glass vial with needles, coalcracker tool oil, coalcracker gear lube, leather strop, and a pencil. 


  • 8" L x 6" W

Bushcraft Repair Kit for Sale

Imagine yourself deep in the woods, with no one around for miles, when your bag tears. All of your food and gear spill out across the wilderness floor. There are too many things to carry, and you can't leave anything behind. With our bushcraft repair and sewing kit, you'll have the tools you need to fix your bag and get back to the great outdoors in no time. 

We want you to enjoy your time in the woods as much as we do. We're passionate about giving you the tools you need to be successful in the outdoors. That's why our Appalachian Bushman School instructors hand-selected the tools in this kit to help you fix any problem you run into on your next wilderness trip. These kits include needles and thread, tool oil and more. You'll even have room to add your own essential items to the list. 

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