Shanty Shelter


We are proud to release the ultimate traditional outdoor shelter. Our oilcloth shanty shelter is based off of the historic Baker & Whalen Tents. It is extremely heavy duty, functional, and will stand up to the most demanding situations.  Oilcloth is a cotton canvas that is treated to repel water and block wind. It is extremely durable and will hold up to years of use. We make each and every shelter in house here at Coalcracker Bushcraft. From the initial cuts of fabric to the final stitch we leave nothing behind.

After years in the field we have designed the ultimate outdoor shelter that provides more more coverage than a tarp setup. Using a tarp as a structure and adding sides gives the user more concealment from adverse weather and wind.

 Our Shanty Shelter has heavy duty reinforced cloth loops for tie-outs which means you never need to worry about ruining or popping a grommet. Tie-out loops are located around the entire perimeter of the tarp allowing for easy setup. The rear center seam has two sleeves to help raise the roof for additional space. 

Size Information

  •  9'x9' Rear Panel footprint with 1 center seam.
    • 2 Walls with 3 sewn tieout loops
    • Center seam contains two sleeves for raising the rear of the shelter


    • 8 ounce oilcloth material
    • 12 lbs in weight

    Additional Information

    • Oilcloth Material is a treated material and will initially show signs of creases and marks from production and handling. This is normal and does not affect the tarp or its function.
    • Over time Oilcloth material will lighten and feel more soft and flexible. This is normal and will not affect the function of the tarp. 
    • Each Shelter comes with a measuring string for fast easy accurate setup.
    • Shelter can also be used as a tarp simply by flipping the sides back 

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