Signal Flag


Looking for a multipurpose utility cloth for your kit? Look no further! 

The Coalcracker Bushcraft Signal Flag was developed to fill the void. The concept behind this creation was to give the user a function piece of gear that fits a variety of applications.  Ever need a signal flag during navigation? How about night navigation? It is tough to see your partner. With this flag you will never have that problem again. .  Scrap those old cotton rags in your bag and upgrade to something with function! 


  • Other uses include: first aid, navigation aid, signal flag, removing hot items from the fire, camp clean-up, clothing (wear as a headband or scarf), and the list goes on.
  • The Coalcracker Bushcraft Signal Flag is made of 100% Cotton Blaze orange material. The printed logo on the flag is white.  


  • 22"H x 22"W in size
  • 1.5 ounces in weight

Wilderness Signal Flag for Sale

As avid lovers of the outdoors, the Coalcracker Bushcraft team wants to ensure anyone can feel safe as they embark on their next adventure. The Coalcracker Bushcraft Signal Flag for sale is your multipurpose utility flag solution. Our bright blaze orange stands out even in darkness, so you'll be able to flag down your hiking partner or anyone else nearby whenever you need to.

When you're not using it to get someone's attention, this flag still holds a variety of uses you might find helpful on your journey. Keep it close and avoid uncomfortable sweat by folding it into a headband or scarf. You can unfold it to use as a first aid kit and navigation tool or use it to remove hot items from your campfire. 

Add another tool to your toolbox with this wilderness signal flag from Coalcracker Bushcraft.

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