Slip Pad


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Everyone, at some point, needs to sit down. If it comes to camp life we also need to kneel in the mud and dirt. There are also times we are processing fire starting material and the ground is wet.  Lucky for everyone we solved this issue.  The Coalcracker Bushcraft Slip Pad is the perfect companion for every outdoor enthusiast. 

The Slip Pad is made of one side heavy blaze orange canvas (great for hunting and signaling) and the other side oilcloth (perfect to repel water).  The pad has an inner water resistant foam liner that offers a light amount of comfortable and insulation between the user and the ground. 

The absolute best part to this pad is that it fits perfectly into our haversacks. This way you will never leave home without it.  The pad itself gives structure to the haversack and takes up little room.  We love this pad to sit around camp, kneel on, signal, and process tinder.


  • Oilcloth Material 
  • Heavy Orange Cotton Canvas
  • 1" Waterproof Foam Liner


  • 14" L x 12" W
  • 8 ounces in weight