T6Zero Emergency Shelter System


Shelter in under 1 Minute? Yes!!! Thanks to Coalcracker Bushcraft.

The T6Zero shelter is an all in one packable, reusable, light-weight shelter system that provides protection from the harshest elements. We teach this shelter setup at our school, but now we made it easier. No prep work...just ready to go!

Here's how it works: The T6Zero shelter has built in tie-outs and loops. Simply, deploy the shelter by pulling it out of the built in pouch and tie each tie-out to a tree at waist height (we suggest you use a shoe lace knot because we can all do that with our eyes closed). Once tied, stake out the rear corner loops with sticks or tent pegs and you have your shelter set up.

Although we call this an emergency shelter, it is perfect for someone looking to pack a lighter weight shelter or just camp in a more simplistic way.

This is a great addition to any vehicle or ATV. It is also perfect for a lightweight survival kit.

Be sure to never leave home without a shelter again!


  • Orange xenon fabric
  • Built in tie out lines
  • Built in storage bag
  • Ribbon tent peg loops


  • 86" L x 65" W
  •  7" L x 5" W packed size
  • 6 ounces in weight