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Bushcraft Wool Blanket

The team at Coalcracker Bushcraft has searched far and wide for the perfect wool blanket for sale, and we found it. Our bushcraft blanket is 90% wool and is offered in a variety of colors. Whether you need a good blanket for tentless camping or a coat for those late-night campfires, Coalcracker Bushcraft's wool blanket can provide. 

This blanket weighs in at just 3.75 lbs. Still, with a size of 90" by 70", it's large enough to cover most anyone through cold nights. When it's time to clean it, ensure you take it to the dry cleaners for service so it can stay in beautiful condition no matter how many trips it endures.

Benefits of Wool Blankets

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, a wool blanket is an excellent tool to have for those cold nights outside. It is lightweight enough to easily add to your pack. Wool is an insulator that works hard to keep you comfortable. Unlike many fabrics, wool keeps its insulating properties when wet, so this blanket is a must-have if you're camping through a rainy weekend.

Add Coalcracker Bushcraft's wool blanket to your cart today. This is a buy you won't want to miss.

Got Wool? We searched high and low for a wool blanket that fits our standards and this my fellow woodsman is it!


  • Plaid Wool Blanket consisting of brown, tan, black, and rust
  • 90% - wool content 10% Polyester Nylon Mix


  • 90" L x 70" W
  •  3.75 lbs in weight

Care Instructions

  • Dry Clean Only


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