Wool Camp Socks


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Camp Socks are a must have for every campout. Wool is a natural fiber that retains its insulate value when wet and also due to its natural design helps hold heat more effectively than cotton.  We developed these wool camp socks so outdoor goers can keep their toes warm all day and night. The Camp socks are made of a heavy dense durable wool yarn. The socks are not made to be extremely tight and do not have large amounts of elastic in the ankle portion. This allows better blood flow into your feet which means warmer feet! 


  • Light Grey Wool Camp Sock
  • One size fits most
  • Made in the USA


  • 100% Wool
  • Ankle Portion 8" width
  • Foot Portion 8" 

Washing Instructions

Machine Washable
If the socks become stretched place in dryer in medium heat to return to original size. 

Outdoor Wool Socks 

Whether you're on a camping trip or lounging at home planning your next adventure, these socks can keep you warm and dry. Made from 100% wool, these socks will keep your feet comfortable even on the coldest winter nights. 

One of wool's best features is its insulation ability. Even when they're wet, they'll work to keep you warm, unlike thinner cotton socks. This wool has formed a heavy, durable yarn that retains its shape well. They fit so well that they don't need extra elastic in its construction. Without elastic, the socks fit more loosely, allowing better blood flow to your feet and, as a result, warmer feet!

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