5 Tips for Dutch Oven Baking While Camping

a dutch oven cooking over a wood fire in the wilderness

Nicole Breighner April 30, 2019

Make everyone at camp happy by filling their bellies with good food from the dutch oven! 

Here are a few tips when Baking with a Dutch Oven:

  1. Low and Slow 

    Dutch Oven Cooking is a process. It is going to take some time, so if you are in a rush then it might not be the best thing. Look at it the same as camping, an escape from the everyday world. Cooking outdoors should be relaxing and fun, so what’s the rush? 
  1. Top Down

    Whenever cooking items the need to be baked, such as pies, pizza, breads, it is important to gently warm the bottom and then take it off the heat. Add hot coals to the top of your dutch oven and allow that heat to cook the meal. It takes a few minutes over a hot fire for the bottom of the dish to burn or brown up if its a bit underdone after a top cook.
  1. Don’t Peek

    Don’t keep opening the dutch oven. No one likes that person, plus its allowing heat to escape and slowing/ruining the cooking process. If you are top down cooking, many individuals accidentally dump ash into the meal! 
  1. Butter Burns

    Coating the dutch oven with a pound of butter before placing your baked item inside might seem like a good idea, it isn’t go to stick right? Well most of the time in our experience it simply burns the dinner and everyone at camp begins to dislike you…a lot! 
  1. Enjoy

    Don’t stress it and enjoy the cooking process. Messing things up are part of it and there is some learning to it. Have fun, find a good recipe and get cooking!

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