Which wilderness class should i take?

Which wilderness class should i take?

Shopify API April 28, 2019

Which wilderness class should I take? 

Big decisions! When it comes to training it is important to enroll in the class or classes that are going to supply you with the skills you are looking for. The biggest question we get asked is “What’s the difference between Basic Bushcraft and Basic Survival?” 

Basic Survival Class

Our basic survival class focuses on a short term emergency scenario. We teach how to stay alive until you are rescued or can self rescue. It focuses primarily on fire making, shelter creation, and securing water.  It also discusses survival mindset, preplanning, and decision making while in an emergency situation. This class has a moderate level of physical activity and a high level mental stress.

Basic Bushcraft Class

The basic bushcraft class is about traditional camp skills. It has emphasis on fire, shelter, water, food, and comfort. We teach how to use traditional outdoor skills such as flint and steel, woodland cooking, knots/lashings, and items that can be made from the environment around us to be more comfortable in the woods.  This class has a low level of physical activity and a low level of mental stress.

What class should you take?

That’s up to you to decide but an easy way to figure it out is to decide, are you an outdoor enthusiast that wants to be better protected in case of an emergency? If that is the case…Basic Survival.  If you are interested in woodland skills and how to make camp life better and more comfortable….Basic Bushcraft.

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