Bushcraft Maintenance Kit Checklist

Bushcraft Maintenance Kit Checklist

Shopify API August 10, 2017

The bushcraft work never stops so I make sure that I am prepared for anything. 

Operating a wilderness skills school requires more than just furthering your knowledge around skills. It requires maintenance of the school property.

This is the part of operating a school many people do not think about. From weed whacking and mowing parking areas, to classroom and campsite maintenance, to firewood prep, there is much to do.

I must say though, I do enjoy doing all of it. When I am out on the property doing this maintenance I carry a bag full of equipment with me. This bag of equipment goes with me for all my tasks just in case I need something in a pinch. 

When I took a look the items inside I realized how my love for bushcraft inspired this kit.

Lets take a look!

the contents in the bushcraft maintenance kit

Pack: Frost River Summit Pack. This pack is a single compartment waxed canvas bag that fits all of my gear plus lots of room for extra equipment. View our bushcraft packs

Canvas Pouch: Frost River Large Accessory Bag

Leather Pouch: Waterproof Tinder Bag. This pouch is waterproof for tinder but in this case I carry an assortment of wire, nails, and needles

Cordage: Tarred Nylon Twine #36 and #12. This cordage binds well against itself and is very weather resistant

Axe: Russian Trappers Hatchet. Vintage Axe that is great for all around utility work

Multi-Tool: Gerber. I actually found this multi-tool. It works well for what I use it for. I don’t get caught up with all the accessories, as long as it has pliers, file, and awl its good for me

Knife: Battle Horse Tree Frog. The only folding knife made by BHK: great for utility work, cutting strap, cordage, etc

Pencil: Found in a drawer of my shop. Always useful for marking and writing

Water Bottle: 40oz Klean Kanteen. Stay hydrated 

Gloves: Hestra Skullman. These gloves carry a heavy price but are high quality and fit properly making working with cordage and knives much easier than box store 1 size fits all gloves

Saw: Bacho Laplander. This saw seems to be the best quality for the money. It cuts great and the blade stays sharp

Put together your bushcraft maintenance kit with our selection of tools and accessories for sale.


Stay in the woods,