Shopify API August 08, 2017

Dumplings should be a staple in every Bushman’s dinner menu!

Flour is a very valuable resource to carry into a wilderness environment. Flour is a source of carbohydrates, something that is very difficult to find in the wild. Carbohydrates are energy and that is precisely what you need when living with nature.  Flour, either whole grain or white, can be made into numerous meals. From breading for meats, to porage, to a thickening agent for stews it proves to be of much value for the woodsman. 

My favorite meal with flour is dumplings. It is simple, easy, and effective with little to no waste.


  • 2 handfuls of flour 
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of water
  • salt (optional)


Mix water and flour together to create a dough like consistency. 
Adding to much water will cause your mixture to be runny. If that happens add more flour
After dough is to proper consistency form smaller dough balls
Bring 1 pot of water to a boil
Drop dough balls into boiling water
Dumplings will float to top of water when they are completely cooked

Eat these dumplings plain, drop them in stew, add sugar, add hot sauce, whatever you choose you will not be disappointed. 

Stay in the woods,