Shopify API July 18, 2017

3 Simple Tools can create magnificent creations in a woodland setting. Make camp life more enjoyable and learn your craft.

Camp life at the Appalachian Bushman School is about comfort. Throughout our Bushcaft classes we teach individuals to live in harmony with nature. Not only to use the tool they choose to carry with them, but to use what nature provides around them.  Carrying three tools can make camp that much more pleasurable. Those tools are, a saw, auger bit and axe.  With these tools there is not much a woodsman cannot do.

Saw: cutting larger lumber to size, cutting saplings down, and squaring wood
Auger bit: bore holes into wood
Axe: felling trees, splitting wood, and carving wood to shape

Some of my tools:

Understanding the basic fundamental uses of these tools will allow you to create just about anything around camp you may need to make life better and more comfortable. From cook kitchen setups, to extra fire wood, to utensils, to furniture, these tools have you covered. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Here are a few creations to make camp life more pleasurable. 

A simple stool/table


A simple table with a more complex chair

Stay in the woods,