The MAX Multipurpose Tool

The MAX Multipurpose Tool

Shopify API August 06, 2017

The MAX Multipurpose Tool is a unique 7 in 1 field tool built for individuals who need diversity!

The MAX Multipurpose Tool is a 7-in-1 wilderness tool. The base of the tool is the axe, which has a 3.5lb head and a 34” composite polyglass handle. The axe is then supplemented with 6 accessories that are in a heavy duty canvas bag. The accessory parts attach to an anchor point on the axe head and secure with either a hitch pin or fastener bolt.

My first impression of the MAX Multipurpose Tool was that it was going to be awkward to use with attachments due to the axe blade being in the way.  I was also concerned about the price of this tool. I have seen this tool numerous times in military surplus stores but was unwilling to pay $150 to $175. What I did like was the compactness of this setup. Although, I would not carry this entire kit with me into a wilderness setting if I was on foot, I would surely add this to my UTV for use when I get stuck, clearing trails, or any type of emergency scenario.

The kit includes:



Carry Case

Shovel Attached

Shovel Attachment


Pick Attachment

Rake Attached

Hoe Attached

Pulaski Tool Attached

Pulaski Attachement 

Lastly is a broad pick which unfortunatly did not come with this kit, but it was easy enough to contact the company and one is on its way! 

So after using this tool for a while what do I think about it? For use on off-road vehicles, this tool is a must have.  It is compact and very packable - not taking up too much room inside your trunk or bed of your ATV.  The accessory tools can be changed very quickly, which allows the user to switch tools as the job dictates. The overall awkwardness that I was concerned about was minimal.  I do believe that having a dedicated tool for the job would trump having only attachments, but the manageability of the tool was not sacrificed.  Being an avid user of an axe, I can say that the axe is subpar to axes I typically use, but for an all-purpose tool that will mainly be cutting muddy, wet, trees and roots, it will get the job done.  Lastly, is the price - I still struggle slightly with the cost of this tool. I believe that for the average individual it is worth the money, but for someone like myself who is tool crazy, I would rather pick the exact tools I know work best for me.

Should you buy one? Yes, if you have the option to pick one of these kits up, it is definitely worth it. As an emergency tool to keep in your car, ATV, Jeep, or barn, you will not be disappointed!

Stay in the woods,