The Soviet Trappers Axe

The Soviet Trappers Axe

Dan Wowak June 08, 2017

This Trappers Axe is unlike any of the axes we are use to. Thick, solid, and made to work hard!

I aquired this Soviet Trapper's Axe after a long search.  I first saw this axe in the documentary "Happy People: A Year in the Taiga" - a story of trappers in Siberia.

There was not much information to be found on this axe other than a few pictures someone had taken from the documentary.  I searched online various times until I came across a clear picture of the axe. From there, my search became easier and I was able to track one down. Being a fan of the documentary and a trapper myself, I knew I needed this axe.

Details on The Soviet Trappers Axe

The axe was a military axe from 1973, specifically, made for soliders in the frozen USSR. The axe is made of U8 steel and its overall length is 19 1/2". Its overall weight is 4lbs.

a trapper axe

The head has a unique design with a cutting edge of 5 3/4". The width of the blade is 7 1/2". 

a close up of The Soviet Trappers Axe's head

One unique feature of this axe is the metal wedge. It is different than the wooden wedges we are accustomed to. The metal wedge allows the user to quickly replace the handle if  it becomes broken.

The Soviet Trappers Axe's wedge

Overall this axe is a workhorse. The design lends well to trapping and overall utility. The axe cuts 2" sapplings with one swing while the heavy poll is ideal for hammering in trap stakes.

Being an untraditional axe design means it will take some time to get use to but after getting the feel for the axe its sure to be a keeper. 

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