The Jack Knife

The Jack Knife

Shopify API June 12, 2017

The Jack Knife or bushcraft folding knife can be one of the woodsmans most important tools. Iconic to american outdoorsman, this knife should be in everyones pocket!

Why I Love The Bushcraft Folding Knife

A folding knife can be a valuable asset to any woodsman.  Compact and easy to stow away in a pocket makes never having a knife with you virtually impossible.  Unlike the larger fixed blade belt knives we all use, a jack knife supplies us with a host of versatile options.  From carving, to skinning small game, to food prep, there is not much this knife cannot do.  Behind the hand of a skilled person, many of the tasks needed within an eastern woodland environment can be accomplished with this tool.  

This knife is my everyday carry knife - it never leaves my pocket. This Winchester folding knife is made of high carbon steel. It is a typical folding style jackknife containing 2 blades and an awl. The primary blade measures 2 1/2”, while the smaller blade measures 1 ¾.” Most importantly, this knife was my grandfather’s so it holds more importance to me.

Dan Wowak's folding bushcraft knife

Jack Knife vs Belt Knives

Due to its small design though, many individuals feel this tool is sub-par to a belt knife.  In some instances I can agree with that. On the other hand, I have used a small folding knife exclusively through many advanced training classes. Without even touching my larger knife, I was able to complete every task required along with assisting students in completing their tasks. 

It comes down to being skilled with the knife and understanding how to cut, slice, and carve. If you understand the resources you are working with and how to properly process them, the jack knife shines.   

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All blade exposed

Dan Wowak's folding bushcraft knife while closed