Ferrocerium Rod


Ferrocerium Rod also know as the ferro rod, is a staple in every bushman's kit. Known as the best fire starting device for the outdoorsman, the ferro rod works in wet, dry, hot, and cold conditions. These ferro rods allow thousands of strikes. Whether it be an emergency survival kit, a hunting trip, or a primary fire kit for bushcrafting, every woodsman should have a few of these around.


  • Lanyard hole on all rods.


  • 6" in length - 1/2" in diameter
  • 4" in length - 3/8" in diameter

Ferrocerium Fire Rods

There's a reason that these ferrocerium rods are the go-to for so many in the bushcraft community. As one of the best ways to start a fire, our ferro rods for survival and camping can save your life. With only a few strikes to the rod, you'll have a fire blazing in no time. They are lightweight and convenient to add to your survival kit or throw in your pack. 

You don't want to be left out in the woods without the ability to make a fire. Throw sparks in any condition with reliable ferro rods for campers and have the confidence to start a fire wherever you are. 

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