Flint and Steel Set


Bushcraft Flint and Steel 

Are you looking to try your hand at a more traditional method of starting fires? Flint and steel have been used for thousands of years, proving to be a reliable option when out in the field. The simple setup makes this method a suitable choice for any situation. 

With our bushcraft flint and steel, we provide you with the necessary tools to start a fire. Pair them with dry tinder or any charred material, and you'll have a blazing fire in no time. 

Looking for a whole kit? Check out our flint and steel fire starter kit, which comes with a tin container for making char, a charred lamp wick and a bird's nest. Try out this classic method today!

Flint and Steel is a traditional method of starting fire. 

Note: Strikers vary in size and are not finished. Since they are made from high carbon steel they will have some rust. 


  • High carbon steel striker
  • Chert or flint rock


  • Approximate size of striker will vary
  • Flint or Chert size will vary
  • 1.1 ounces in weight

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