Flint and Steel

Flint and Steel Set
Flint and Steel Starter Kit

Flint and Steel Fire Starting

Fire is an essential tool for any outdoor adventure. Fire provides light and warmth, and it's important for boiling water and cooking your food. Starting a fire without help can prove to be a challenging process, especially when you get caught in a storm or extreme cold. Using the right tools like our bushcraft fire starters can make it easy to have a fire burning in minutes. 

Out Top Flint and Steel Products

At Coalcracker Bushcraft, we take pride in providing you with tried and true tools to make your outdoor experience a more enjoyable adventure. We offer a variety of flint and steel products for you to choose from to get a fire started quickly on your next trip. 

Flint and Steel for Sale

Whether you need a flint and steel starter kit or pieces to build your flint and steel kit, Coalcracker has you covered. Get your flint and steel for your next outdoor adventure and stay in the woods!