Bushcraft and Survival Knives For Sale

Every outdoor enthusiast needs reliable wilderness knives and tools for camping tasks. At Coalcracker Bushcraft, we carry the high-quality tools you need to thrive in your surrounding environment.

Our Most Popular Bushcraft Knives

We have a range of top-quality wilderness survival knives to meet your needs. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Black Diamond Knife and Sheath: Use the Black Diamond Knife to complete any camp chore. Its saber grind makes it strong enough to handle larger tasks like butchering, and you can also use it for the finest carving tasks. This knife comes complete with a high-quality leather sheath that will last a lifetime.
  • Butcher Blade: You can count on this robust knife to get the job done, whether you're butchering game or cutting wood. It has a saber grind and a rugged finish that can handle your toughest tasks. The Butcher Blade also comes with a beautiful sheath made of brown leather and white thread.
  • Coalcracker Knife and Sheath: The Coalcracker Knife is the perfect size and weight to tackle your daily chores. It has a saber grind and a sharp, 90-degree spine for easy carving and scraping. It also includes a brown leather sheath for safe storage.
  • Jigged Bone Pocket Hunter Knife: Make this dual-blade pocket knife your everyday companion. Put it in your pocket and go or add it to any wilderness kit. Its jigged bone handle provides excellent grip and gives the knife a unique, rugged look.
  • New Era With Sheath: The New Era Knife offers the ideal blend of beauty and functionality. It has a 01 tool steel blade and a stabilized, reclaimed barn wood handle. It also has a unique Bushman Grind that's durable for heavy work and fine enough for carving.

Other Bushcraft Tools We Offer

We also carry many essential bushcraft tools to make camp life easier. Our selection includes:

  • Bushman Dual Sharpening Stone: Keeping your knives and saws sharp is crucial. This sharpening stone has a medium-grit side for removing material and a fine-grit side that's ideal for touch-ups and blade honing. It's also super lightweight — weighing less than 2 ounces — so you never have to leave home without it.
  • Polish Camp Shovel: You need a good shovel for numerous camp chores, from cutting roots to digging latrine holes to moving hot coals on the fire. Our handmade Polish Camp Shovel consists of thick, high-carbon steel and a sturdy wooden handle, offering durability and performance you won't get from a cheap collapsible shovel.
  • Appalachian Trapper's Axe: This unique, custom-made ax is the ultimate bushcraft tool. We hand-forge all of these axes and make the handles in-house for unparalleled quality. The ax's thin bit and contoured handle allow you to cut deeply into wood or slice cleanly for fine cutting tasks. 

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Browse our selection of bushcraft tools and gear and make your purchase today. If you have any questions about our products, connect with us online.