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Bushcraft Tarps and Shelters For Sale

Tarps and shelters provide vital protection from the elements, making camp life and outdoor adventures more comfortable and enjoyable. At Coalcracker Bushcraft, we carry high-quality, versatile bushcraft tarps and survival shelters to meet your wilderness needs.

Best Bushcraft Tarps and Survival Shelters for Sale

Our most popular survival tarps and shelters include:

  • Cotton Canvas Sleep Cover: This sleep cover offers the durability you need for sleeping in the woods and the lightweight feel you want when you're camping on warm nights. It features brown cotton edging on two sides and comes with two metal grommets for easy hanging.
  • Gum Blanket: A gum blanket is perfect for many outdoor applications. Use it as a ground mat, kneeling mat or emergency lean-to. Our gum blankets are available with or without a neck slit, so you also have the option to wear them as rain gear. We produce our gum blankets according to their original, Civil War-era specs, making them ideal for woodsmen and reenactors.
  • Hutchins Roll: The Hutchins Roll offers a modern twist on classic camp gear. It's made with a heavyweight, water-resistant cotton canvas that can withstand harsh conditions. Use the two quick-snaps to turn it into a bough bed sleeve or sleeping bag, set it up as a raised bed with the side supports, or turn it into a hammock using the two stick sleeves. 
  • Oilcloth Tarps: If you're looking for a camping tarp that's waterproof, our oilcloth tarps are the perfect choice. The oilcloth is a cotton canvas that's treated to repel water and block the wind. We based the tarp's design on years of field experience to give you the ultimate outdoor tarp with unlimited setup options.
  • T6Zero Emergency Shelter System: This all-in-one, lightweight, packable and reusable bushcraft survival shelter system provides vital protection with zero prep work. Simply pull the shelter out of its built-in pouch, attach each tie-out to a tree and stake out the rear corner loops. Use this system for simplistic camping, add it to your survival kit or keep it in your car for emergencies.
  • Trekker Tarp: This lightweight oilcloth tarp is ideal for a fast-paced campout. It's easy to pack and set up as a lean-to. It's also great to use as a drag cloth, sitting pad, ground cloth or addition to your 8x8 tarp.

Other Shelter Tools

When you shop with us, you'll find accessories to make your camping experience as comfortable as possible. Choose our plaid Wool Blanket to stay warm and cozy on chilly nights. You can even wear the blanket as outwear by adding a Blanket Pin to your order!

Keep bugs at bay with Bug Dope. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients is just what you need to avoid pesky pests on your next outdoor adventure.

To stay clean and dry when you sit or kneel, try our comfortable, lightweight and water-resistant Slip Pad.

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